If you want your master to have the highest possible quality, please read the following information about


  • – Remove the compressor/limiter from your master buss.
    Give the mastering engineer proper headroom to work with.  COMPRESSION AND LIMITING CAN NOT BE UNDONE.  You can give us an alternate mix with master buss compression/limiting on.
  • – Don’t fade in and fade out.
    We can’t recover lost material, so leave at least 2 seconds more at the beginning AND the end of your mix.
  • – Don’t  use any de-noising tools.
  • – Don’t go over -3dBFS with the levels on your peak meter.
  • – Don’t change the file format: (WAV to MP3 to WMA etc.)
  • – Don’t change the bit depth.
  • – Don’t change the resolution.
  • – Don’t apply dither.
  • – Have the order ready.
    It is a lot easier to match the songs if the order is ready, as each song influences the other songs around it.
  • – Name a few reference CD’s
    to give us an idea of how you want your music to sound. It will help if they are in the same genre. Please, send WAV files instead of MP3 if you can.
  • – Make a list of the processing you want.
    You might feel that some songs need more bass or brightness, more stereo image or specific editing.
  • – Alternative mixes.
    If you are unsure about the vocal balance in the mix, make a few different mixes. One with vocal up by 1-2db, vocal down by 1-2 db, etc. or mix an instrumental and put the vocals down alone and the Mastering Engineer will mix them during the mastering session.  It can also be used for bass or guitar solos, or whatever you are unsure about. Just ID and log the different mixes well. We WILL NOT CHARGE for stem mastering if you provide one track more in addition to your mix!




Please contact us for details.




We now accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hex, and Wise.
If you prefer to pay that way, please contact us on time so we can include the proper public address in the invoice.